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 Hey there, folks!

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PostSubject: Hey there, folks!   Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:36 pm

Hey, the name's Feni! Just a tad about me, aside from the fact that I love Pokémon. xD

-I love writing. I've been in and out of the idea the last few years. I've noticed that my ideas aren't as creative or as many as a few years back, but I discovered that I write better now. I've gotten a small story published when I was younger, and I've written some parts of novels. Reading is a good hobby of mine as well.

-I'm actually known more for my role-playing and plots. I like a few genres, but I haven't found too many others who are 'literates'. I have a ton of Pokémon plots that have gotten me a lot of followers on websites.

-I know how to program in C++. I also make layouts in HTML/CSS. I do small graphics like trainer cards, as well.

-I'm obsessive over Anime, especially Yuugiou and other Shonen Jump series. I know quite a few titles not only from Shonen Jump.

-I like science, but I excel in Latin and English.

-I've been playing the piano for 13 years now. I stopped with my teachers four years ago, but I still teach myself everyday.

And I think that's enough for all of you to know. ;o Have a nice day!
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Hey there, folks!
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